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Monday, July 31, 2017

Dots Pairs by Miguel Garulo FREE

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2
Dots Pairs comes from Miguel Garulo. It's very similar to Oggoelement (see link below).  The object is to get matching colored balls to crash into each other and go poof.
iPhone Screenshot 3
The puzzle has that Lunar Lockout feel: objects will travel until they hit another object and objects cannot drift off into space.

There are 50 levels and I've solved them all. Which means they might be a bit too easy.

According to the Leaderboard, there are only 9 people playing Dots Pairs. Do Miguel a favor and download it, because it's free. He's probably spent a lot of time making the levels, the graphics etc. So many puzzle app developers experience this same thing: apathy.  It's a good game.

Miguel: if you're reading this - get rid of the ads that pop up in the middle of the game.

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