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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mezzo Puzzle by burak ozcan FREE

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Mezzo Puzzle comes from Burak Ozcan.  His description: So close, yet so far! Designed by a master puzzle maker, Mezzo is a minimalistic puzzle that amuses the eyes and provokes the minds. Move all the pieces on revolving rails to the boxes with the same color. Stuck? Use hints. Come on, how hard can it be? 

With levels handcrafted by a master puzzle maker, Mezzo starts as a brain teaser then becomes an addictive time killer evolves into a challenging hair puller and finally brings you to an oddly satisfying state of victory over the course of 100 levels! (Only if you can complete them; obviously.)

There are moving pieces and stationary boxes on endlessly revolving rails. Swipe left and right to move rails on the horizontally, and up and down to… well you guessed right, move vertically. Pieces can move between vertical and horizontal rails if they are at an intersection. That’s it. 
Your purpose is to move all the pieces to the boxes with same colors. Watch out because moving one piece in one direction moves all pieces in the same direction unless they are on a different axis. 

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My Thoughts:
1. The first 35 levels are easy and go fast.
2.  Things get tricky at level 36 with a split rope.  37 tied me up in a different way.  Some of the puzzles have a 'solve blue and green will solve itself'  symmetry. Not so with 44.
3. At the moment I'm somewhere on level 70. Many levels go pretty fast. Others have kept me wandering around and around.
4. I like that my moves are not counted and I am not awarded any stars.

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