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Monday, August 21, 2017

SnakekanS by Yuansheng Xu $.99

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SnakekanS comes from Yuansheng Xu. It's an unusual snake game.  The object is for the snake to eat all the animals, and then get to the yin/yang exit.
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1. Any time the snake eats, it grows by 1 unit. The first levels: the only animal to eat is mice.
2. Eating the frog, the snake's head & tail will swap places.
3. The Mantis must be eaten from the side or rear. The front is poisonous.
4. The Elephant: when the snake eats the elephant, it will just keep growing forever.
5. The Turtle: when the snake eats the turtle, the turtle will stay in its place on the grid.
iPhone Screenshot 5
There are 50 levels and at the moment I've been stuck on level 36 for about 10 days. There's a hint button (bottom left corner) that indicates which 5 or 6 items to eat first, but not the precise sequence. I'm a little annoyed that I can't just skip 36 and move on to the rest of the game.

There's an inconsistent rule that's been bothering me. When the snake eats an item, its head grows and the tail does not move. If the snake eats a turtle and it ends up coinciding with the end of the snake's tail, the snake dies.  So here's the part that bother's me: why should the snake die, with a turtle at its end tail, if there's food to be eaten next to the head? This is especially annoying when there's a frog next to the head which would then place the turtle in a good position on the snake.

SnakekanS is really an excellent game, despite my complaints. $.99 is a cheap price for at least 6 hours (so far) of fun.

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  1. This was fantastic! I wouldn't have found it except for your review. Just a small note, the author you have is wrong. From the credits, the designers are: Chen Gong, Binxing Wu, Weihao Xie