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Friday, August 25, 2017

Piece Out by Kumobius FREE

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Way back in 2010 I played a game called Gold Mine by Boaz Feldman and Alex Polonsky. It was great! Unfortunately, it's no longer available. I was very excited to see Piece Out.  It's very similar.
02.png  iPhone Screenshot 4
The object is to rotate the pieces, slide them when possible if there are arrows, and get Your Man/Men to the target/s.

The concept is great.
The graphics are very very good.
There are 744 puzzles. Plus a daily puzzle. That's probably too many.

I was happy to pay $.99 to skip the ads.

At the moment, Piece Out has over 125,000 players on the Leaderboard. That's because it was featured by the App Store.  I've solved about 280 levels. That places me at #16.  But that won't last.  Because there's a massive race to the finish line.  And I'm dropping out after 300. Two people have already crossed the 600 line.

The game was developed by brothers Tom & James Greenaway and Ivan Neeson. I contacted Ivan who informed me that the puzzles are generated by a computer program. But the guys went through them all to curate the good puzzles.

Gold Mine Read my review from 7 years ago.

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