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Monday, September 11, 2017

English Country Tune by increpare $.99

iPhone Screenshot 2
English Country Tune came out in 2011 and I didn't learn about it until about a year ago.
iPhone Screenshot 3
The game is similar to sokoban.  The first series of of puzzles introduces a 3D field where the object is to push balls onto their targets.  Gravity is a factor, which means a ball can travel far. What makes it confusing is that gravity does not necessarily work in a consistent direction. It depends on the orientation of Your Man moving the individual balls.  I was stuck on one level forever. Until this weekend when I thought about finding a solution via a youtube walkthrough.
iPhone Screenshot 4

My favorite section of puzzles is the one depicted in the first image. Your Man does not push the actual cubes. Rather, Your Man pushes the horizontal & vertical light beams that emanate from those cubes. Fantastic concept and challenging and fun.

I slowed down considerably on the more advanced levels, primarily because of the 3D graphics.
Not available for android devices.

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