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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Room by Fireproof Games $.99

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The folks at Fireproof Games recently came out with their fourth game The Room: Old Sins.  I figured it was high time that I go back and finish playing their first game The Room.
   The Room- screenshot
A lot of my mechanical puzzle friends loved this game because it's essentially a secret opening box with a million components.
   The Room- screenshot
This past week I restarted the game from the beginning and finished it in about 3-4 hours spread over 3 days. Good quality entertainment for only $.99!
   The Room- screenshot
The art work is fantastic.
   The Room- screenshot
The puzzles themselves were okay. But not outstanding. When a puzzle solution gets repeated later on - that's a big no-no for this type of game.  For example: certain keys have to be manipulated/spun to match a key slot. That was done 3 times.  Another: 2 dials had to be spun at the same time. This puzzle concept was later repeated. Yet another example: spinning 5 dials to spell out a specific word that was revealed only by using the special goggles.
   The Room- screenshot
The individual puzzles all had to be solved in a specific sequence. This made the experience more like a movie. But without a plot.

There are 7 letters from your long lost uncle or cousin. All of them talked about his finding some mystical power. None had any relevance to the actual puzzles.

I'm glad I finally played this game because everybody's been raving about it for so long. But I wasn't so enthralled that I'm going to play their 3 other games right away. But I will play them.

Check out Mystery Lighthouse. It's the same idea, though much simpler. The artwork is totally different and much brighter. It also has a certain charm to it that The Room is missing.

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