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Monday, February 26, 2018

Rusty Lake Hotel by Rusty Lake $1.99

 I'm not a big fan of Room Escape apps. But the series produced by the good puzzlers at Rusty Lake keep producing good fun games.
 The theme in Rusty Lake Hotel: you must visit each of the 5 guests in their rooms, solve some puzzles and kill the guests so that dinner can be served the next night. Yum.
This is the first of their games where stars are awarded for solving each level.  I didn't get all the stars so I could not play the bonus room. Rather than replaying the whole thing, I'll watch the bonus room on youtube.
The puzzles themselves still run from simple to weird. None is hard.
The simple: finding things behind a picture frame.
The medium: solving an algebraic systems of equations with 4 variables.
The odd: give the rolling pin to one of the puppets so he can beat the other puppet.
The disgusting: taking care of the boar. You'll see.
The boring: seems like every Rusty Lake game has a dresser with a box of matches inside 1 drawer and a knife in another. Another theme that gets repeated is getting a seed, planting it, watering it, watching it grow, then harvesting it to obtain something that has little to do with the plant.

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