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Friday, March 2, 2018

Dissembler by Ian MacLarty $2.99

 Dissembler comes from Ian MacLarty.  It's a match 3 game. The objective is to eliminate all the squares. Each move is a vertical or horizontal swap of 2 pieces. As long as there is a 3 color combo anywhere on the board, the move is legal.
Some squares have multiple colors. In those, the outer color must be matched first. There are approximately 125 puzzles. I've done about 100.

There is a point scoring version too.  In that version, all squares have 3 colors. So there's a lot of strategic planning to stay alive as long as possible. My only qualm with this part of the game is that the playing field is too small and could be increased probably by 50%.

The graphics are great. The puzzles go pretty fast, but I have stumbled.  These are well crafted.

Dissembler is a little gem. Great job Ian!

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