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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Unpuzzle by Pavlo Sich FREE

Unpuzzle comes from Pavlo Sich.  The object is to remove dismantle everything piece by piece. Look at the first image.  The top right slides up & out. Then the piece to its left would slide to the right. And the piece to its left would then slide up.
In the second image, blue arrowed pieces can only travel in 1 direction.  The red pieces will turn completely white after a certain # of prior moves have been made.
The green hooks add another element of restrictions.
The squares with a red outline can rotate.
The blue dots travel together.
The yellow triangles - any piece that crashes into them disintegrates, which is good.

There are 150 levels and I've done about 40 of them.  Unpuzzle is not very hard but it's very relaxing.
The graphics perfect.

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