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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Baba Yaga by Gamewright $11.48

Baba Yaga 
Baba Yaga comes from Gamewright. It's a card game where the object is to get minimize your points to 4 or less. Once you figure out the rules, a typical game goes about 15 minutes. Good combination of luck & strategy.

Announcement from Rod Kimball:
Path Puzzles, 3rd Edition Needs Test-solvers!
The 3rd edition will be better in a lot of ways, but the best way to be better is just to have 50% more puzzles.  To help make this happen, we need test solvers.  These special people will receive the full collection of puzzles, a mention on the "Thank you" page, and a free copy of the book when it's out.  Send an email if you're interested in being a test solver.
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