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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Burn Mind comes from VALENTIN FROLOV.  His description:

"Burn Mind Puzzle" is a very difficult puzzle. From the 3rd level of the game, you start problems. Will begin incredible problems. "Burn Mind Puzzle" will require you not only logical thinking! You will need an incredible ability to remember many details of the puzzle and their location. To place one piece of the puzzle you will have to break already assembled parts. Lay down back everything, you need to be very, very attentive to detail and remember your every move.

The first five levels are free. It gives the complete idea of the difficulties awaiting you at the following levels. You would have known the difficulty of the tenth level...

When you are ready to join us, to test ourselves for 10-15 levels. Or maybe you capable of more?

My thoughts:
1. Burn Mind is tough!
2. I've done 7 levels. There are 25 altogether.
3. The object is to trade the largest number (the black circle with its neighbors until order is restored.)
4. This drives me crazy: if I want to swap places with the number above - swipe down.  Similarly, trading places with the left neighbor means to swipe right.  If that feature alone were changed, I would do more levels.
5.  Look at the first image. The 21 is already in place and can never move.

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