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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Humbug by Dunderbit FREE

 Huge thanks to Loyal Blog Follower David for steering me in the direction of Humbug by Dunderbit. The object is to get the bugs to the stars within a certain number of moves.  Dunderbit consists of 2 brothers: Jonathan Lindvall and Christoffer Lindvall from Sweden.
1. The snail moves only 1 square at a time.
2. The ladybug moves 2 spaces, unless there's an obstacle, in which case, it can move 1 space.
3. Spiders travel until they hit a wall or another bug.
4. Bees fly across 2 spaces at a time. Unless there's a bug on the landing spot. Then it will go 3 spaces.
5. Butterflies: similar to Bees, they fly across 3 spaces.
6. Grasshoppers move 1 space but can leap over many insects if they're in the way.

The graphics are outstanding.

The complexity of the puzzles is just right: the first 15 -20 are easy. Thereafter, they're tricky, but not impossibly so.

I downloaded the game yesterday and go to level 60 out of 100.

Technically, I paid $2.99 'to remove the ads'. In actuality, I paid the money as a token of appreciation. Everybody: if we want good games, it is our responsibility to pay a small token.

Vubu is a similar game....but totally different. If it's still available, download it.

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