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Friday, February 8, 2019

Isoland by COTTONGAME Network Technology Co., Ltd. $.99

Isoland comes from COTTONGAME Network Technology Co., Ltd. It's an adventure/puzzle game. The premise: you're on an island and must solve random puzzles to figure things out.
The artwork is great.  The puzzles are not too hard.
The artwork is great.
Two puzzles are solved by simply asking the stray people on the island. Totally lame. I've never seen a more ridiculous solution on any puzzle in any game.

Ridiculous: once you've solved everything, you must restart the game to experience a few new puzzles and the true ending.

From the App Store:

My Game Was Different

I really love the game, the graphics, the story... all of it. But my adventure was different. The 6 golden triangles were not available to me neither was the red little disc thing and other little things. I don't know if that is intentional or if it's the model of my iPhone. At the ending I had, I realized there were still several puzzles that I didn't complete which will probably give me a different ending if I can figure them out. Regardless- LOVED IT! And will for sure get the next one.

Developer Response,

actually,you can get 6 triangles and the red disc,but,you must had finished this game once first,and restart it again 。you are going to get a new game experience,moreover,you can find the ture ending

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