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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Look over the Edge by Yury Koshechkin FREE

Yury Koshechkin recently contacted me about his game Look over the Edge. The object is to get Your Man, the little cube, to the house.
Tap on Your Man once, and he turns left. Tap again, he turns right. Then left, then right.  Your Man can never make 2 consecutive right or left turns.
Your Man can go over the edge and around the block.
Some features:
1. The purple sections act as ice: no turns allowed.
2.  The blue sections will shatter - Your Man will fall straight through.
3. At any time, the game can be paused and the scene can be zoomed out - in order to better see the whole picture.
4. The brown sections act as a bridge to another section. I recall one clever puzzle which required using the bridge, then turning around to take the bridge back.
5. Some sections (not sure what color), reaching the edge makes Your Man reverse course.
6. Look at the 2nd image. That's level 36, which I've been stuck on for about 2 weeks.

Look over the Edge has 3 great elements going for it. First, the levels are cleverly designed. Second, the graphics are very good. Third, and most importantly, the levels progress at a gentle pace so that anybody can quickly get into this. This game is a winner.  Watch a preview

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