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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Lines on Sides by Michal Barszczewski $.99


Michal Barszczewski contacted me a while back about his new game Lines on Sides. You may recall that I reviewed Michal's other game Cubether which I reviewed in April last year. Seriously great puzzle.
Lines on Sides is a 'minimalist' puzzle. That means that the rules are never spelled out. When new elements are added, there's an easy level where the user gets to discover the new rule.
At first, I saw this as just a simple edge-matching puzzle.  And the first 10 levels or so are just that.
But then things got interesting!  I was stuck on level 29 for about a week. Then level 39 I was stuck for about 10 days.
The graphics are great.

There are 51 levels. It took me a while, but I got through them all.  Michal: great game!  Looking forward to your next one.

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