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Sunday, April 25, 2010

LOST thoughts on Hugo & the smoke monster

We've seen Ben lie many times. But Hugo? In the episode of Richard's origin, we see Hugo being a medium at the end of the show to Richard's wife. He tells Richard that she says to prevent the man in black from leaving the island - when in fact - she says nothing of the kind. Implication: Jacob did control her.

Older episode: Ben takes John to the cabin to meet Jacob. Ben does not see/hear anybody but pretends to have a conversation w/ Jacob. Then John hears 'help me'. Theory: that was not Jacob! It was the smoke monster. Proof: when Ilana brings her crew to the island - they burn the cabin down. And she is on the island to protect Jacob.


  1. On "Everybody Loves Hugo" we learned from Michael that the whispers were the voices of those who had died in the island and were trapped there, unable to move on.

    When Hurley left the island and went back to the psychiatric hospital, he saw Charlie. Was that really Charlie's ghost (who was, according to the episode mentioned above, supposedly trapped in the island) or just a hallucination, like Dave?

  2. Michael indicated that he did something wrong and thus is spending eternity on the island.

    Charlie tried to help! So he's free to roam the earth.