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Sunday, April 4, 2010

LOST - Kate & ,Mikhail

Season 2: Kate, Locke & Sayid find the crazy Russian mercenary named Mikhail - he with the patch over his right eye. They fight, his house explodes, they take him as a prisoner.

Mikhail tries to explain something to Kate then says: "never mind you're not on the list." Current season: Kate is a candidate. Hmmmmm.

Mikhail explains that he was the last of the Dharma initiative. Why was he not killed by Ben & the Hostiles? Theory: Jacob touched him - making him immortal.

Then, Mikhail leads the party to the electric pylons outside the grounds/barracks around the Others. Locke throws him into the electrical force field - killing him. As he's being electrified, he says 'thank you.' Of course, Mikhail comes back later to kill Charlie.

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