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Monday, April 26, 2010

LOST thoughts on Shannon & Ben & Jacob

Shannon's father died suddenly - this set her on a course to travel the world. Theory: Jacob, is an evil SOB. He killed Shannon's father.

Recall: Jacob prevented Sayid from getting hit by a bus, but it was okay for the wife to get run over by the speeding bus.

Jack was furious when his wife left him for another man. The other man was Jacob!!!!

Ben brought Locke to the cabin to meet Jacob. Locke heard 'help me.' Theory: the voice belonged to the smoke monster. Which implies that maybe Ben was communing with the smoke monster all along instead of Jacob. Or maybe Ben had no idea that the smoke monster resided there.


  1. The accident that killed Shannon's father was the same that brought Jack and his ex-wife Sarah together. They met because she had spinal injuries and he operated her. Maybe Jacob did cause this accident, that affected both lives. But I don't think he's an SOB. If he did cause this accident, maybe it's because he believes the ends justify the means, and he was thinking of the bigger picture, the greater good. He needed to lure Jack and Shannon to the island, so he set some events in motion that would eventually lead to this.

    Likewise, he needed Nadia to die or Sayid wouldn't go back to the island.

    I don't think, however, that Jacob is Sarah's lover. All of his appearances outside the island are brief and punctual. For him to be with Sarah on a long term relationship would require staying a long time away from the island, which I think he can't do.

    I agree that it was the smoke monster in the cabin, and that Ben had been his puppet all along, believing he was Jacob. What I don't understand is: why the hell didn't Jacob do anything while all of this was going on? Why did he let all those people die (or be influenced by the smoke monster) instead of intervening?

  2. Very good points! I didn't realize the car accident connected Shannon's father & Sarah.

    When Sarah left Jack, Jack was obsessed with finding out the person's name. He was willing to give up everything - just for the name. It's going to be Jacob!

  3. Thanks for agreeing with my wisdom!