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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Primo Kakuro: puzzle app for iphone ipad ipod touch

In 1989, I discovered a puzzle called Cross Sums in the Dell Math and Logic Puzzles magazine. I was hooked! Since then, I've done thousands of them. Every couple of years, I'll get a batch of 50 to solve. When I'm done, I always say: that's the last one I'll ever do. I'm tired of them.

Last week I got an email from Kroyan Armen about his puzzle app called Primo Kakuro. (I should mention here, that Cross Sums got renamed as Kakuro about 8 years ago.) Primo Kakuro and Primo Kakuro HD contain a lot of these puzzles. The 'Evil' puzzles are definitely hard enough that I struggled.

Primo Kakuro has some interesting features. Suppose you tap on an empty cell. Outside the grid, if you want to look, is displayed the numeric possibilities for the empty cells on the row and column.

There are other bells and whistles. Discover them yourself. Download the free version of Primo Kakuro and take it out for a spin. The full version costs $3.99. That's cheaper than the Dell Magazine that I mentioned before. Also, you'll get more puzzles for your money.

I've always felt that Cross Sums/Kakuros should be done via paper and pencil. In my old age, I realize it's not a bad thing to do on a computer screen.

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