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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tripevo: great iphone ipad ipod touch puzzle app

Tripevo is a great, fun, terrific puzzle app. It is hard to describe the objective. You are given tiles, one by one, to place anywhere on the board. As soon as the board if filled, you lose.

If 3 tiles in a row are the same, they turn into 1 tile of the next level. Altogether there are 14 level tiles, and I have gotten to the 14th level tile after a dozen attempts.

Also, there are 'negative' tiles, which I semi-understand. I've played the game about 20 times and did pay for the full version. Tripevo is a deep, complicated, fun puzzle app. You will not truly understand it unless you actually play it a few times. Do so! It is worth your time.

I have 1 minor problem with this puzzle.....too difficult to explain unless you've played it. This app is worthy of a fan club.

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