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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tiny Invaders: iphone ipad puzzle app

Tiny Invaders is a puzzle app with a bizarre premise. You are an alien virus that must infect the world. There are many individual puzzles where the objective is to send your little viruses around twisted tracks to pick up key nutrients. To some extent, this is a shunting puzzle like having trains change directions by switching tracks. On some of the harder levels, your little viruses must avoid the white blood cells.

I've done about 3/4th of these puzzles. In terms of intellectual problem-solving, this is not very hard. In terms of play and fun, this is really kid stuff that is, frankly, amusing. The last person to be infected in this series of puzzles, is the president! Of course, all science fiction world calamities must be centered on the US - according to Hollywood. Isn't that what makes this country so great?

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