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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

63 Logic Games - Time Killers: puzzle apps for iphone, ipad

Andrea Sabbatini contacted me about 2 weeks ago about her puzzle app: 63 Logic Games - Time Killers. There are 63 different types of puzzles here totaling over 1500 puzzle levels. These types of puzzles come from the Japanese book publishing company Nikoli. My favorites: Lighten Up, Tatami, Snail, Hidden Stars, Branches. Masyu is the one I like the least. Some of these puzzles are available on the App Store under other names. Hidden Stars is also known as Jabeh. Lighten Up is also known as Lighthouse. Branches: this was offered on a CD-ROM game by Rubik's in the mid 90's and called Cover-Up. Landscaper is also known as Binary Sudoku. Calcudoku is also known as KenKen. Hidato is also known as Numbrix. (I'm not exactly sure if they're the same.) Loopy is also known as Monorail. So far I've solved about 175 puzzles from various games. I have not sampled all 63 puzzle games yet. There's no way anybody is going to complete all these puzzle levels any time soon.


  1. Well, I really love to play the puzzle game having challenges in it . I have never counted that how many I've solved anyhow the 175 is a big count; great! Thanks for sharing some good games with good information.

  2. Well, that's fun to play puzzle game. I liked your blog having many logically challenging games in it to play. Thank you for sharing some great games here.

  3. My favourite logic game is Laser Box - Puzzle