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Friday, May 11, 2012

Cast Baroq: Hanayama Mechanical Puzzle of the Week Review

Click here for the solution
Puzzle Master sells Baroq and describes it this way: "This Akio Yamamoto creation consists of two pieces fashioned after the image of intertwining Bach melodies. Following the dynamic build up is an inspirational finale when the two pieces elegantly release from each other. You may even want to choose a somewhat luxurious and relaxing ambience when attempting this puzzle. The key word is 'music'." Myself: I had no idea there was a musical theme and I enjoyed solving it.


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  2. Baroq has always been one of my absolute favourite puzzles. I just went back to it after a gap of several years and was delighted to discover that I had forgotten how to solve it. I had great fun working out the beautiful solution all over again!