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Thursday, May 24, 2012

NineOut: point-scoring puzzle app for iphone ipad

Sandro Baggattini from Zurich, Switzerland recently contacted me about his point-scoring puzzle app: NineOut. 1. The object is to place tiles from the bottom of the board so that: the surrounding 8 squares will add up to that #. Look at the diagram and place a 7 next to the 5 & 2. The 5 & 2 will disappear and the 7 will stay on the board. In order to really clear the board, you will need to get a whole lot of 9's to pop up. A 9 next to a 7 & 2 and they ALL disappear. I was stuck on level 1 because I did not see this explained in the rules: The gray squares have to be flipped over with a 9 next to them. Then they have to be vanished with another 9. When I first saw the video of this puzzle app, I was skeptical. Big deal, I thought. Then I played it & realized there was a time element. NineOut is a terrific little puzzle app that's a keeper! So far my top score is 62,200 which places me 3rd in the World Leaderboard. My mother is very proud. View this video of how to play.

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