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Monday, September 9, 2013


Tertiary! is an unusual, unique puzzle app.
I had to read the directions twice before I really understood them.

You are given a grid of gray triangles. Tap them one at a time. You must tap on them in this order: a triangle pointing up, followed by a triangle pointing down - any where in the grid.

Try not to tap on the ones that are 'tertiary'. You can figure out some of them. But there is an element of guessing.

I've solved it twice. I cannot say that I'm a fan. However, this is an interesting concept and I challenge anybody to determine if luck is not needed at all.

Weekend update: I've investigated this more and have solved it 10 more times - all without luck. I have figured out a system.

Tertiary is definitely intriguing, but once you've figured out a system, it then becomes a 'how fast can you solve this' puzzle.

Tertiary is a free puzzle app, give it a shot.

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