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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amid Worlds: free puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 3
I started playing Amid World more than a month ago. I was on a plane and could not access level 27 or so because the program insisted that I view an online ad. So I forgot all about it.

Yesterday, I rediscovered the puzzle game. Amid Worlds is a laser maze game. Line up the alien with the pear by tapping on the squares & octagons. The first image pretty much sums up the game.

Starting at level 30 or so, there are 2 objectives.  The second image says it all.

iPhone Screenshot 2
You might think that it's harder, but not necessarily so.  Once you achieve one of the objectives, then those tiles cannot be rotated again. Also, notice the curved lines in some of the square tiles.

I completed all 60 levels. I watched all of the annoying ads. Then I decided to pay the $.99, as a thank you to the developer, Vasile Dediu.

Much to my surprise, there's been an update with 30 more levels with 3 objectives.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Amid Worlds is well done, fun, mildly challenging.

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