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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Clone of Threes!

You may have noticed that I've been slowing down on the puzzle app reviews lately.  That's because I've been playing Threes! every day.  My highest tile: 768, which I've gotten at least 75 times.  As soon as I get the 1536 tile, I'll quit.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Slide Five is the latest clone.  The first successful clone was 2048, whose rules are a bit different. I got up to 1024 after playing it 4 or 5 times.  I'm sticking to Threes!

I will say this, the graphics on Slide Five are faster and they're pretty slick.

Slide Five sticks pretty closely to the rules of Threes!  The differences are pretty obvious based on the images.

Here's where I'm stuck at Threes! and Slide Five: what's the highest new tile that will be given. I'm pretty sure that in Threes!, it's 1/8 of whatever your current high tile is. In Slide Five, there is no '+' hint that signals, you'll be getting something higher than a five.

I've said many times, if you like a game, go ahead and pay for the upgrade - at least as a reward for the time you've been entertained already. In Slide Five, the game is free and you can pay $.99 to remove the ads.  In this case, spend $1.99 to the true authors of the original game - Threes!
iPhone Screenshot 1

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  1. Another significant difference that these clones of Threes have--and I mean the real clones, not 2048 which is a different game--is where the new tiles are spawned. In Threes, they only appear on lines that have moved. In the clones, they can appear anywhere. This difference is very important for the gameplay.