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Thursday, April 17, 2014

PInochle HD - free for a short time

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A story: when we were kids, our father taught us Pinochle. We never knew anybody else who played the game.  We had marathon sessions - always when we were on vacation.  One day, my father saw a classified ad about a Pinochle tournament.  But the phone number was wrong. My father theorized that it could've been a case of espionage: when a spy completed his mission, he would place a classified ad that nobody would pay any attention to.

Pinochle HD has a rule that we never used: after the bidding is complete, the partner can pass 4 cards to his partner. The bidder gets to see them before passing over 4 other cards.  Also different: the opening bid starts at 250.

I played Pinochle HD for about 30 minutes. I really like it.....but I'm not sure that the program is people smart. I let the person to my right win the bidding and he picked spades as trump....I had 5 spades including the ace and two tens.

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