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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Escape From the Werewolf Village

This weekend I went to Webster hall with 5 puzzle friends to play Escape From the Werewolf Village.

You are locked in a room and must solve a bunch of puzzles of all types in 1 hour.  Clues were scattered throughout the room.

1. There is no way you could solve all the puzzles by yourself in the given time.
2. The clues around the room: interesting. But gimmicky. I've played some 'escape the room' puzzle apps where you have to go back and forth in the room. In this case, you copied down the clues only once and then solved everything at a table.
3. Types of puzzles: be prepared to solve word puzzles and just 1 mechanical packing puzzle.
4. Heavy emphasis on word puzzles.
5. Every 10 minutes, the room went dark and another villager was killed. Using deductive reasoning, you can figure out where the werewolves are.
6. This concept/event is gaining in popularity. The company has numerous other games going on in other cities. Here's what I noticed: 10 tables were full at 6 per table. The price was $25/person. Good business.
7. I noticed that other tables were just random people. So the event is a good way to meet like minded brainy people.

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