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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oskar van Deventer's Gear Fold

I got my first Oskar puzzle back in 1988.  At my first IPP (International Puzzle Party) in 2000, he was the one I wanted to meet.  On the day of the puzzle party (buying and selling) there was a long line for another famous puzzle designer. I went straight to Oskar's table to buy almost everything he had.

Puzzle collectors specialize in their collection: sequential movement, wood, metal, entanglements etc. My collection: I once tried to specialize in Oskar puzzles.  That was before 3D printing came to be and he started cranking out 50 puzzles per year with an average cost of, I'm guessing, $150.

Gear Fold seems very similar to Rubik's Clock. I positively loved that puzzle for its ingenious mechanism. It wasn't too hard to figure out.  The principles from that can be applied to Gear Fold, which is $89.40.   If I win the lottery, I'll buy all of his puzzles.

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