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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Folt: free puzzle game app for iphone, ipad

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I found my cure from Threes! This past weekend I downloaded Folt from Daniel Lutz. He has an outstanding track record of producing terrific puzzle apps. But it's been a while since his last one.

Your task is to unfold your man from the square with the white circle on it and either stay alive or score points by creating groups of 3.  The game is similar to Stickets, one of my all-time favorites.

Last night I became the 2nd highest scorer in the 'Endless Mode'. When I woke up this morning, I was bumped down to number 5. My score is 436.  Daniel told me that his high score is only 300. The key in Endless Mode: patience!

Issues: everybody can see the next 3 tiles. If you pay some money, you get the right to see a 4th tile. But that does not apply to Endless Mode.

Folt definitely has a Candy Crush feel to it. You can't stop playing it. You are aggravated by the sequence of tiles. Yet you still keep playing. When you run out of lives, you must pay $.99 to keep playing, or wait a certain amount of time. Note: on Endless Play, you must pay $.99 to play, but you will never run out of lives.

Here's what I do: I play the levels until I run out of lives, then shift to Endless Mode. At the moment, I've completed 71 levels.

Miscellaneous: each time you play, the colors change. I really dislike the black/gray/orange group. Daniel told me that he's thinking of giving users the option to choose the colors.

I know there will be puzzle app fans who will hate this game. Folt is definitely one of the best puzzle apps of 2014. It's closer to Stickets than Candy Crush.

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