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Monday, July 7, 2014

Exodus Free! - Unique 2D Puzzle Game

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Puzzle app friends: I am behind in my reviews. Exodus Free is a perfect example. I thought I blogged about it 2 months ago. An oversight.

Exodus Free is a 'slide your man until he hits a wall' maze puzzle game app. You must get the golden balls. Avoid the spikes. Use the wormholes.

You may recall another puzzle app game: Woodhead. It's very similar. Although Woodhead had some genuine good humor.  There are sticky squares that will halt your progress mid grid. Some blocking squares can be shifted right/left or up/down as many times as you like.

iPhone Screenshot 4  iPhone Screenshot 3
Here's what I think is new and original in this concept: the squares that have numbers.  Look at the third image and you will see a 7 & a 6. Those squares can be moved 7 times & 6 times.

I have 1 minor qualm with these puzzles: you must swipe the arrow itself, as opposed to any place on the grid.

If you've enjoyed Quell, you will certainly like this game.  It's almost identical.  If you pass over a red dot, it will turn into an obstacle.
There are 80 levels. I was stuck on 42 for a long time and then forgot about this puzzle app. Right now I'm stuck on level 49 because it won't let me swipe in the direction I want. I believe there's a design flaw here.!-unique-2d-puzzle/id870049714?mt=8

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