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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sword & Penguin

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2
 Louis-Nicolas Dozois recently contacted me about his action puzzle app game Sword & Penguin.
As a puzzle game, you must move blocks around a la sokoban. Some blocks must be pushed onto blue buttons to maneuver the blue walls downward. Same for the red & green buttons/walls.

Other puzzles: you will need to push ice blocks onto the squares that have fire.  I should mention: the object is to first collect the key, then collect the egg. Other obstacles: the electric grid which must be turned off.  Some electric fields toggle on/off every second or so. So you must time your penguin accordingly.

Other features: some squares have cracks. You can traverse over them once, after that, you will fall to your death. Igloos: be careful bumping into them because polar bears will emerge very quickly.

The action part is the polar bear who roams around. You must avoid him. He walks randomly. Sometimes he throws snowballs at you across the grid.
Level 2-10 has a very Pac-Man feel to it. Since I was never good at that game, I skipped that level.
Once you get to level 33, which is Chapter 3, level 1, you will want to get finally pick up the sword in order to kill off the bears.

There's a lot to like about Sword & Penguin. Puzzle-wise, they're not very difficult. But the action element adds to the fun. There are 160 levels.

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