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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stickets: update

Good news and bad news about the point scoring puzzle app game Stickets.

You may recall that I became the second highest scorer of Stickets.

My first blog entry:



I showed the game to my father last year and he's been hooked. He plays the game very slowly and super carefully.  When he's in a jam, he puts it down for a few days until he's got 100% concentration.

About 5 months ago, my father got a good start. He's been on that 1 game, still alive and kicking, all this time.  A few days ago he overtook me and became the #2 high scorer.  Would he overtake the #1 scorer? 

Tragedy struck: while recharging his ipad, the program did not save his game. Very mysterious and unfortunate.

I told him to download Folt and give it a try.

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