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Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter Way: free word puzzle app game for iphone, ipad

iPhone Screenshot 1
Yan Fauriat recently contacted me about his new puzzle app game Letter Way. As you know, I normally stay away from word puzzles. However, this one seemed promising.
The object is to spell some words from the tiles that are face-up. When that happens, if there's a tile next door that's hidden, it will turn over.  When all the tiles are face up, you win.

Look at the diagram. See the tiles with the zebra stripes? They need to be turned over. This will happen if the letter next to them is used in a word.  Now, see the orange square in the middle? The G will have to be used in a word twice for it to be revealed.

The object is to reveal the entire board within 10 moves.

There are 100 levels of Letter Way and I've done 47 so far. The first 20 levels are easy, maybe too easy.  After that, it gets tougher and more fun.
Letter Way reminds me of FOLT, which is not a word puzzle at all.
Last year I reviewed Yan's other game Kindly Colors.

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