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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Thoughts

1. Federico Prat Villar @efeprat has taken on my request for somebody to solve 50 levels of Space Kitty. He likes the game better than I. Good.

2. Recently, I deleted a game that I was addicted to. What a relief! No longer do I play 'just one more'.

3. Some folks have been sending me emails, twitter notifications, google plus conversations, linkedIn requests etc. Besides trying my best to stay on top of this, they sometimes want to know if I'm keeping abreast of the games on google play.  No!  If a game is really good and profitable, it will be available on google play.

4. So many puzzle app games are disappearing from the App Store because they make no money.

5. I found a clone of 2 Cars. I first I really liked it because the speed is slower and I can stay alive longer. I wondered 'why does the clone version have the exact same colors? Couldn't they change at least that? Then I discovered the ads that pop up. They pop up while you're driving and cannot see the road, which of course led to my crashing.  I deleted it right away.

Feel free to share your random thoughts on the puzzle app world in the comments section.

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