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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quruare Puzzle

iPhone Screenshot 1        iPhone Screenshot 2

Quruare Puzzle is a 'rotate the grid 90 degrees' type puzzle app. The objective is to get the blue robot to the light blue square.  The graphics are okay. A bit old school

There are 200 levels. The first 80 are free. However, one-fourth of the rest are free too. So, I was able to do 197, but not 198, 199 or 200. Never seen this before.
I've done about 20 levels. It's not terribly hard, but each level must be solved within a certain number of moves. Guessing will get you nowhere fast. Many levels require 10 steps or more. Memorizing the steps is a bit tricky because the grid of course rotates.
Quruare is great for young puzzlers.

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