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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Walking Pictures - old Zoetroppe for your ipad. And other Miscellaneous Business.

iPad Screenshot 1
Have you ever seen a Zoetrope?  Here's an app that shows one and a couple of other old devices.

The Museum of the Moving Image has an incredible Zoetrope sculpture with a strobe light. The video is okay, but nothing like being there.

Miscellaneous Business:.
1. Are you trying to contact me? It's really easy: Use my last name though.

2. A bunch of you sent me emails about not posting this past Friday.  Sorry guys, I was on the road.

3. Roberto Canogar has posted his tips for getting a high score in SubaraCity.  Bravo Roberto!
4. Moral Dilemma: Jelly Blocks is no longer on the app store. However 100 Jelly Puzzle, which is a clone, is on the app store.  I still have Jelly Blocks on my ipad so was able to compare them.  Virtually identical. Except Jelly Blocks had 96 levels.  I should also note that 100 Jelly Puzzle stopped working around level 83 or 84. Just froze.

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