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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NineOut II - point scoring puzzle app

Sandro Bagattini recently contacted me from Switzerland about his new puzzle app game NineOut II. You may recall that I was a huge fan of the original version NineOut.

NineOut II is similar. However, there's no time limit. Also, after every move you make, a new number or shaded number is added to the board. The red square moves around randomly and indicates where the next new number will be added. If you survive 15 moves, you will advance to the next level. However, at the next level, more numbers will be added.

It's actually difficult to describe this game. Suffice it to say, if you've played the original, then it's clear (I hope!)

My high score in the original is 301,000, which puts me 3rd out of only 2000 players.  In the past week, only 12 people have played it. Such is the life of a great game that's been buried.

On NineOut II, there are only 4 players and I'm #2 at 30,458.

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