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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Random Puzzle Doings

1. Pinball Sniper: great simple game. Keeps your reflexes sharp. Most importantly, it's fun and you can listen to just about anything. My high score is now 560 which places me at 44 out of 700,000 folks. It would be nice for my boss to recognize this with a salary bump.

2. Luma Link: I blogged about this back in 2012. Every so often I play it. The hard levels are really outstandingly hard. Unfortunately, this game takes up a lot of memory 108 MB and it is with regret that I have to delete this.  (I have a crazy fantasy that Apple will come out with a 20 Terabyte ipad and I'll be able to store all these puzzles long after they've disappeared into the ether.)

3. Want to write a Guest Blog Entry? Pick a puzzle app game that I have not written about and send it off! Just make sure to use my last name.

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