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Monday, November 23, 2015

Clever Clocks

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 4
The object of Clever Clocks is to get all the dials to point to 12.  Each button has its own rule.  Look at the first image.  The 1st red button indicates that both the white & pink dials will move clockwise for each tap.  The second button indicates that the yellow will move counter clockwise while the pink will move clockwise.

See the third button that shows only purple?  This means that the puzzle is really about solving the other 3 colors, since the purple moves independently.

There are 3600 levels. They start out easy with just 3 clock faces and three buttons. They increase to 8 clocks with 8 buttons.  I did not get that far.  I did some with 6 clocks. I'm not really sure how many levels I've done.  The menu doesn't let me figure that out. On some puzzles, I score 100 points. Others - just 25.  Still others - 0. However, based on my score I know that I've done about 200 levels.

The graphics are crisp.  The concept is great. This game is really for puzzle purists who relish deep thinking to solve the puzzles with the minimum number of moves.  I should add: if you do 5 puzzles in a row - all in the least number of moves - you get a bonus of 250 points.

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