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Friday, November 13, 2015

Lost Qubixle: puzzle app game for ipad, iphone, android.

iPhone Screenshot 4  iPhone Screenshot 5
Andre Breitenfeld recently contacted me about his puzzle app game Lost Qubixle.
His description: Do you ever ask yourself what happens when a star collapses? The Qubixle is a cube-shaped star which collapsed suddenly. Your task is to reconstruct the star with the guidance of the robot Qubie. But Qubie's memory is not the best and you only have three views to reconstruct it with as few cubes as possible. The Lost Qubixle is a perspective puzzle game based on voxels. Overcome the barriers of your perception and enhance your logical thinking by solving mind-blowing puzzles.

1. You are given a top view, a side view and a front view.  Your task is to place cues in the 4x4x4 space to match those views.
2. To earn 3 stars, use the minimum # of cubes.
3. There are 54 levels and I solved 28 of them.  They can get pretty challenging - in terms of using the minimum number of cubes.
4. The graphics are very very  good.


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