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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Number Escape: free puzzle app game for ipad, iphone

SANG MOON JOO's game Number Escape is one of those Topology games that I've always liked.

The object is to trace a path over all the squares from Start to Goal. However, some squares will need to be crossed over multiple times.

There are 60 free 4x3 levels and 60 4x5 levels.  I did the last 10 of each.  The larger grids cost money.  From the list below, I would say that Pathle is the one that is most similar. However, in Pathle, you must figure out the starting and ending points.

Some other good topology games:
Lines Numeric Fun
Space Dots
Just Routes
Square Time
Numeric Paranoia
Number Painting
Water Colors
Colors the Addictive Game

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