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Monday, January 25, 2016

Cube Escape: Harvey's Room

iPhone Screenshot 2
The good people at Rusty Lake continue to produce clever, fun 'escape the room' type puzzle app games. Cube Escape: Harvey's Room is short & sweet.  You are a bird, trapped in a box and must escape. Definitely fun.  My only qualm is that when you're done with an object, a match - let's say, it should be removed from your inventory
iPhone Screenshot 3

Rusty Lake's other Cube Escape Games that I've played.
Cube Escape: The Lake  - short
Cube Escape:Seasons  - the best                                         
Cube Escape: Arles - historically bizarre


  1. On the subject of these sorts of games, I would like to put my 2 cents worth in for The Lost City, by Fire Maple Games. An oldie, but a goodie... They have produced others as well, but to me this is my clear favourite. :-)

  2. The Lost City is definitely fun.
    Stick with this series - the next few games are some of the best, right up with Seasons. Case 23, The Mill, and the fantastic Rusty Lake Hotel are all quite large expansive games.

  3. Just downloaded The Lost City. Will try it next month. Because you both recommended it! Thanks.