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Friday, January 8, 2016

7 Park Puzzle: free puzzle app for iphone, ipad

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7 Park Puzzle is a terrific new puzzle app game from von Kofokoo. It's very similar to Route Out and its successor Route Out 2. (Links below.)

Your task is to get the cars to land in their parking spaces.  You must place arrows to guide them.

The arrows are almost the same as the reflectors in Route Out.

Another difference is that in Route Out, you can place as many reflectors as you wish.  In 7 Park Puzzle, there's a limit.

Look at the top image. At the bottom right, under the arrows is a stop symbol.  A car landing on it will stop and then resume after the others have traveled 3 squares.

From a mathematical angle: in Route Out, the key to solving the hard levels with 20 or more balls, is to figure out the loop that must be created.  In 7 Park Puzzle, the loop can be intersected.

There are 72 levels and they can get really hard.  At the moment, I've done 54.  On the Leaderboard, there are only 35 people playing this. Come on puzzlers, download this for free and let's see how high we can get that number.

Route Out
Route Out 2

Perfect Paths is also similar, but much more sophisticated.

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