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Monday, August 15, 2016

Cube Escape: Birthday By LoyaltyGame B.V. Free!

iPhone Screenshot 1
The team at keeps producing creepy twisted room adventures.
iPhone Screenshot 2
This is the 7th game of theirs that I've played.  At the moment, they have 9 games and are working on a 10th.
iPhone Screenshot 3
In all their games, there really is no 'escape this room' objective.  Rather, solve some puzzles in the room and find out what happened or what will happen.
iPhone Screenshot 4
The main character in each game is You.  Your past/present has a history of mental illness, murder and strange hallucinations.
iPhone Screenshot 5
I cruised through Cube Escape: Birthday pretty quickly.  Except for one element. I confess that I looked through Rusty Lake's walkthrough on youtube for that one tiny thing.  Then I finished the game within 5 minutes.

If you haven't played any of their games, start with Cube Escape: Arles.

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