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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"klocki" By Maciej Targoni $.99

iPhone Screenshot 1
Multiple Loyal Blog Followers pointed this game out to me. Do you remember the game Hook by Maciej Targoni.  Maciej is back with a new game "klocki".
iPhone Screenshot 2
There are no instructions in the game. You have to figure out the rules yourself. However, in the description on the App Store, 'Your goal is to connect different types of lines together.'
iPhone Screenshot 3
This is done by swapping. Or rotating. I cruised through the first batch very quickly and thought it might be too easy. They get more interesting.
iPhone Screenshot 4
There are 82 levels and I solved them all. 

A few thoughts
1. The levels with the black squares and white dots - brilliant and new concept.
2. If you've done other puzzle that involve pipe swiveling, you'll get the idea of things. But many levels involve swapping tiles.  Look at the last image: those levers rotate the entire faces from the cube. Complicated.
3. Like the game Hook, "klocki" does not have ultra hard levels. This is the type of puzzle that will lure in non-puzzlers.

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