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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Huebrix & Socioball by Yellow Monkey Studios Free and Free

iPhone Screenshot 1   iPhone Screenshot 3
Huebrix came out in 2012 but was recently listed as newly free on Apps Gone Free. It's a puzzle app game where the objective is to fill the grid with ribbons. 
The 2 diagrams above show the basic premise.  However, it gets very sophisticated.

Very Interesting:
1. Plus and minus signs: A plus sign may have a 4 on it.  That means, if your purple ribbon goes over it, its length will increase by that amount.

2. The X.  A ribbon can land on it, but that's where it must end.  Some levels have an equal number of X's as ribbons. But not all.

3.The side portals: They act like wormholes, but they're always on the outer edges of the puzzles.

There are 400 levels, which is way too many.  At the moment, I've solved about 100 levels at various levels of difficulty, including 'insane'.

iPhone Screenshot 1
The object in Socioball is to place various tiles onto the board so that the blue ball will get to the blue square. 
iPhone Screenshot 2
The various tiles include orange curves, a high wall, small trampoline, big trampoline, red button that activates the red block, and the red block.
iPhone Screenshot 3
There are about 61 levels by my count and they can get tricky. But many are obviously too simple. For example, a level may have only 3 blank spaces in the grid. Which means, without even thinking, there are 6 permutations.

At the moment, I've solved about 40 levels.

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