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Friday, January 13, 2017

Galaxy Numbers Pro by Yoav Slimobich FREE

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Yoav Slimobich recently contacted me about his puzzle app game Galaxy Numbers Pro. The object is to get groups of similar numbers together.

Each of the 129 levels has different objectives.  One might need to score three 3's or four 4's etc.

There are numerous features. Here's a few
1. Adjacent tiles can merge: 1 + 3 = 4
2. A minus tile can merge with another and subtract 1.
3. Periodically, a set of new tiles will emerge at the bottom. If the board fills up, you lose.
4. At the top, you will see some symbols.  Tapping on one of them will make that the next item to fall to the grid.
5. Like Candy Crush, there's a limited number of moves to solve each level, which makes it addictive because on those levels that you failed, you just needed 3 more moves!

Galaxy Numbers has a lot going for it: every level seems do-able, but will take some doing.  Nice graphics and the right amount of difficulty and strategy makes this game worth checking out.

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