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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Innecto by 45RPM Software $2.99/Free

iPhone Screenshot 2  iPhone Screenshot 4
Pascal Harris recently contacted me about his puzzle app game Innecto. It's a pipe rotating puzzle app game.

iPhone Screenshot 3  iPhone Screenshot 5
We've seen this type of game numerous times.
What's different:
1. The power source - it can rotate. Usually, it's fixed in place.
2. There's a time limit and move limit.  For example, you have to solve the puzzle within 60 moves and within 2 minutes.
3. If you lose, a new level is generated randomly so you can't memorize anything.
4. Supposedly, something cool happens on levels 56 & 57.  But I didn't get that far.

My advice for this game - as well as many others - let players jump around. Puzzle Gamers don't have time to play everything, nor every level of every individual game.

The graphics are good.  And, there is a free version. If you've never played a pipe rotating game, give this a try.

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